National Chlorine Industries (NCI) was founded as a public shareholding company in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan in November 1991 with a paid capital of 9 million Jordanian Dinars.
The plant was commissioned in November 1995.

The main objective for the establishment of NCI was to secure the Kingdom's needs of the following basic materials for the chemical industries and water treatment projects:

• Caustic Soda
• Chlorine Gas
• Hydrochloric Acid
• Sodium Hypochlorite
• Hydrogen Gas
• Chlorinated Paraffin

The plant is situated 40 Km south east of Amman city at Al-Mowaqqer area, close to Sahab Industrial Estate, and was designed up to the latest modern technology of the membrane process, licensed by UHDE of Germany.

NCI Company witnessed and experienced a big step forward in its performance upon the increased demand of its products in the local markets and in the neighboring countries.

This led to speed up a decision for plant expansion to double the production capacity by adding more electrolyses, a new plant for Hydrogen gas collection, and a second Caustic soda flaker plant.

National Caustic and Chlorine Co was established as a new sister company to accommodate for the new expansion activities and products.
Accordingly NCI raised capital to 9 million Jordanian Dinars.

In order to diversify its products derived from Chlorine ,the company decided to set up a new factory for the production of Chlorinated Paraffin , with a capacity of 12000 tons per year , and a total cost of 2.1 million JD, where it started actual production in 2011.


• Caustic Soda (Liquid 32%) 18000 Tons
• Caustic Soda (Flakes) 7000 Tons
• Liquefied Chlorine gas 12000 Tons
• Hydrochloric Acid 27000 Tons
• Hydrogen gas 300 Tons
• Sodium Hypochlorite 9000 Tons
• Chlorinated Paraffin 12000 Tons

NCI's Quality management system has been certified in compliance with ISO 9001-2008 and NCI's Environmental Management System has been certified in compliance with ISO 14001.


NCI's volume of sales is distributed between local and export markets,
mainly neighboring Arab countries (Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Lebanon, Saudi
Arabia , Yemen and East Africa).
NCI Company employs around (200) persons with various qualifications and
occupations, high skilled as Engineers, Technicians and University Alumnus.

NCI Company owns a modern fleet of ISO-tank road transporters fully equipped with safety devices to carry chemical liquids In accordance with international technical specifications and Civil Defense regulations. Some of these tankers are rubber lined and others are regular and can carry loads of up to 20 MT. As For Chlorine Gas, NCI Uses ISO Tanks, 1 Ton, 50 Kg, 65 kg Chlorine Gas Cylinders For Transportation.